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Metrics & Magic


We’re a full-service, strategic marketing consultancy and design agency.

We go deeper into your business and beyond marketing communications to look in detail at the complete system of customer-value creation.

We listen, create, measure and evolve.

You’re probably expecting a magic 5-step process, with clever names for each stage.

We don’t have that. Sorry.

We have curiosity, expertise and an uncanny ability to get to the bottom of a real business problem and solve it. We don’t start by assuming we know the answer. We start by finding the right questions.

We don’t force you onto a costly conveyor belt.

This means we’re faster. And better. And better value. And more creative. And more interesting. And nicer.

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We believe we can make a difference to your business.

We believe in the power of data, but only when you know how to use it to shape business changing decisions.

We believe that our blend of creativity, intuition, perception, cross-category (and industry) learning is unique. Mix this with our extraordinary understanding of data and real-world experience and you get exceptional marketing and brand communications.

We don’t believe in luck. Or unicorns.

We also believe that…
Not everything that can be counted counts.
Not everything that can be counted counts.
William Bruce Cameron

We’re the people who actually get it.

We are a collective established in 2013 that gives you access to a wealth of perspectives making for richer solutions to modern business challenges.

Importantly, we’re not all from the same background. We’re not life-long consultants or just web developers with no real world business experience.

Sure, we have marketers and agency people, but we also have an array of entrepreneurs, journalists, IT professionals, designers, customer experience architects and more.

We’re fun to work with and not bullshitty. We take our work very seriously, but ourselves not at all.


Uncommon Sense

We really dislike the word agency. It conjures up images of crayons and champagne.

But if it makes you feel more comfortable then that’s ok with us.

It does mean we work for you (and we never forget this) but we’d rather see ourselves as part of your business.

We want to get to know you, communicate, set expectations, learn to trust each other, and work together as a team.

We don’t have a standardised proposal or service.

We don’t sell websites by the page or proclaim to get you to the top of page 1 in Google… we’re as cynical of those types of service as your email spam filter is.

Let us understand what you’re trying to achieve commercially or emotionally and then we can get to work.

Enough about us. Let’s talk about you.

Are you ready to make your marketing Matter?

It’s always hard to choose the right partner. 

We’ve been on both sides of the table and know that there’s a right and wrong match for everyone involved. 

Here’s what’s right for us…


You demand fresh thinking and perspective-challenging partnerships.

You have lots of data, but are unsure of whether there’s a needle in that haystack.

You want cross-category insight, intuition and creativity from experiences across a multitude of industries and disciplines.

You understand that marketing is both what you do and how you do it, not just how you talk about yourself.

You’re obsessed with the whole customer experience.

You’re willing (and wanting) to try something new.


You like sycophants and yes-men.

You want us to take notes and regurgitate your words into a PowerPoint and present it as “insight.”

You want an agency that has specific category experience that can just be replicated.

You see marketing as logos and graphic design.

You already have all the answers, you just need someone to “make a website”

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