Crane & Co. is one of America’s oldest companies and they have been providing the highest quality of craftsmanship to stationery since 1801. They also encompass the William Arthur and Vera Wang stationery brands.


Crane & Co. are an American institution. They produce the paper used for dollars. They are the world’s premium purveyor of social stationery products, offering the finest designs and highest quality to discerning consumers everywhere.

Crane & Co. has been dedicated to the art of classic correspondence for more than two centuries. Rich in texture and meaning, elegant and timeless in design, Crane stationery reflects the confidence, taste and style of those who choose it. These people are statesmen and royalty, celebrities and politicians.

They reached out to us via a referral to help define a new customer strategy, encompassing digital marketing.


The first step of the project was to unpack the e-commerce database to see what we could learn from their 413,000 users, 188,000 orders and over 3.6m order items. 52 million data points later, we’d learn a lot.

We looked at customer behaviour, loyalty, spend, timing, locations, ages, genders and much more to create a rich and detailed psychographic view of the audience that can now be used to develop the brand in the right direction. We enriched data with appending gender and age via US census data. We mapped interests and social profiles using our self-developed Frame application.

The level of insight was illuminating (but obviously we can’t share it here!)

In terms of actual ROI, we’ve already proven massive gains in two areas.

Email Marketing

We revised the email marketing template and segmentation and included dynamic personalisation. The results were staggering. Within 2 hours, it was already the highest grossing email campaign of 2016.

One week later – the revenue generated from this one email was 800%higher than the previous record and over 200% higher than any email ever sent by the company.

Open rate was 166% better, click rate was 293% better than previous benchmarks. Open to click rate was up by 71%. Job done!


We’ve fully analysed and restructured the PPC campaigns for

Year on Year:

  • Conversion Rate – Up 54%
  • Revenue – Up 2%
  • Cost – Down 41%
  • Cost per Conversion – Down 36%
  • ROI (Conversion Value/Cost) – Up 144%


We know more about the Crane consumer than ever before in our 200 year history. Match that with incredible returns from email marketing and huge profit increases from PPC and we could not be happier with the experts at Matter and their approach and delivery.