Displaypoint are an audio visual ecommerce reseller dedicated to large format displays for business and education use. They provide screens and touchscreens for meeting rooms, retail outlets, videowalls, digital signage and classrooms.


Whilst working with sister company Projectorpoint, we identified the growing market transition to large format displays. As screens became larger, and cheaper, and better – they were becoming more accessible to a wider audience.

A difficult decision had to be made.

Do we try to shoehorn displays into the Projectorpoint portfolio? Will it work for the current brand? Does the name even make sense? Does anyone sell large format displays effectively online?

No. No. No. No.

Let’s create Displaypoint.


Once we’d decided on the name and amazingly managed to buy the domain – we looked to assess the large format display marketplace and competition. We then threw out the competition aspect. No one sells these solutions well online. Great news!

We designed the brand and aesthetic for the new company that was sensitive to the Projectorpoint logo but also more contemporary and suited for the largely-digital application.

With only small volumes of search traffic for the keywords involved (due to the niche) and the ambiguity of TV’s and small touchscreens we began to slowly formulate the structure and content hierarchy for the site. We helped organise the Magento multi-store deployment to centralise product information too.

We worked closely with the Displaypoint team to deliver solutions hubs for varying vertical markets. We also set up self-managed landing pages for complimentary products like the Barco ClickShare – which need more of a conceptual explanation and a conversion focus for PPC campaigns. Which we also strategise and implement!



From the outset, Matter’s collaborative approach was insightful and game-changing for this new brand. It’s a tricky, technical and ever-evolving market that we’re aiming to lead. Matter nailed the spec, UX, content and design with remarkable speed and perception.