Insurance Online are an online insurance broker.

(Sorry to point out the obvious…)


Insurance. We all need it. No one wants it. We all know it’s a bit of a nightmare to buy it.

How do you launch a brand new insurance brand against the behemoths of both the comparison world (think Meerkats, robots and man-twerking) and the insurance world itself (red phones and umbrellas.)

We had to find the right niche.

To do this, we compared a huge amount of data insight and competitor comparison whilst simultaneously working with the underwriters to balance the right kind of product with the client’s ability to convert the leads.


We developed this into a sprawling site structure, focused on conversion which was responsive across every device. We also tailored each product’s user experience for the product in question.

Who knew that Taxi drivers are 7 times more likely to call than fill in an online form? Or that campervan owners are 250% more likely to fill in a form than try an online quote system?

We knew.

We designed and evolved the site and the online quote system’s user experience to streamline the process for the customer.

We helped the client make sure that we could follow up on any incomplete quotes with timely, auto-generated, mobile-responsive emails upon quote abandonment. We configured a system to simultaneously create a ticket in the CRM system to alert the right department. When competing against the big players – you have to outsmart them.

Insurance has some of the highest pay-per-click advertising costs of any industry we’ve ever worked in. £60 per click is not unheard of.

We created a tight ecosystem of lead attribution to monitor spend and conversion incredibly closely.

With a custom technology stack of interconnected software, from dynamic call tracking through to individual user-level analytics we have this covered. Our client is now able to monitor the user’s source and cost of acquisition and retention and match it to their net value as they may, or may not, renew policies year after year.

Over 300 landing pages, all meticulously A/B tested and a constant evolution in bid strategies simply isn’t enough – we helped Insurance Online link this back to the exact type of policy being sold and the type of consumer buying it. Keywords are often a blunt tool, but we were able to sharpen our campaigns to target people who are more likely to take certain policies where profitability and likelihood of a true sales conversion was higher.