The Gold Bullion Company has been selling gold coins and bars since 1993. The challenge was to develop a new brand to attack a market dominated by the Royal Mint – the gold gift market.


Before we could create a new brand – we had to understand exactly who was buying gold coins and bullion.

Luckily for us, the client has had a lifetime in the gold business and is based in Birmingham’s famous jewellery quarter. During the brand creation process, we analysed 183,750 products sold to over 19,000 clients in the eCommerce system to develop a target client profile. With over 2.1m data points to pull on, we discovered a clear direction and target demographic.

We also looked at the psychology of gifting and the gift experience from both the giving and receiving standpoint. We worked to map motivations, perceptions, beliefs and attitudes of our target demographic. We looked at their lifestyles and socio-economic data.

We considered the experiential element of gifts and benchmarked brands across the memento, exclusive expendable and experience sector.


All of this gave birth to Master & Mint. A brand rooted in emotion, with a distinct older/younger relationship. Both words resonate as elements in the coin and gold manufacturing process.

Our ideas for packaging made the gift feel personal, customisable and experiential.

It was distinct, luxurious and importantly gender neutral.